Weekly Update 13 April: The Situation and the Peoples Health Movement response to COVID19

This is the third weekly update by JSA-AIPSN. It follows the first JSA-AIPSN Update of March 23rd, 2020 and the second JSA-AIPSN Update of April 2nd, 2020.

This update thus covers developments of the last two weeks. In this document we provide an update on the

  1. Epidemiology of the corona virus disease.
  2. Comment on the new public health strategy unveiled this week by Government of India and then discuss the considerations going into the lifting of the lock-down and our position on it.
  3. We then present the weekly update of our four working groups looking at: access to essential technologies.
  4. Health system preparedness.
  5. Lockdown restrictions and concerns of rights and ethics.
  6. Crisis in livelihoods and government response to it.

To read the full weekly update- CLICK HERE

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