Press Release: COVID19 Epidemic on World Health day

On the occasion of World Health Day, JSA and AIPSN seek to draw attention to the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic in India and the Government’s response to it. There are three inter-related crises at play at this time:

– a public health crisis due to gaps in the COVID19 strategy
– a high level of stigmatization and brutality in the anti-COVID19 measures
– a social and economic crisis precipitated by the nation-wide lockdown

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Suspension and Disruption of public and other transportation creating a humanitarian and health crisis

We, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan and All India People’s Science Network are extremely concerned at the way the Government has announced the nationwide lockdown in an arbitrary and poorly prepared manner without notice, which has had serious implications especially for poor and vulnerable sections.  The total clampdown on public and other forms of transportation, which threatens the health and lives of the people, are of particular concern. Global evidence as also reiterated recently by the World Health Organisation (WHO), indicates that lockdowns by themselves will not break the chain of infections, but  must be accompanied by other measures.

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letter to secretary health on health systems preparedness

From our interaction at state level, we are deeply concerned that the preparations are patchy, slow, and selective. In our enclosed advisory, we have put together the very many aspects on which all state governments and the state governments needs to take immediate action. We demand that urgent action be taken on each and every one of these
suggestions. We also call on you to include representatives of our organizations in monitoring the pace and comprehensiveness and quality of preparation.

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Statement On the Personal Protection Equipment for Healthcare Workers during COVID19 Pandemic

The JSA and AIPSN draw the attention of the public and the media to the major crisis that has developed in health worker safety due to the lack of PPEs. Not only will the healthcare staff be at higher risk of getting the infection, widespread infection in healthstaff would sharply decrease the capacity of the country to delivery health care services in both the public and private sector.

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Statement on the Economic package announced by FM with respect to COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown

Unless the government policies provide relief to the vast population who now have no surety of livelihood, this pandemic might have far greater consequences than just being a public health crisis. The steps to counter this pandemic have to be more emphatically and sensitively directed towards the most downtrodden who stand to face the greatest threats on all fronts.

The humanitarian distress caused by the lockdown  and other measures imposed in the hope of containing disease spread may well lead to more lives lost than the disease itself unless there is immediate action taken by the government.

The peoples movements therefore call for the following minimum set of measures.
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Press Release: Retract notifications, that criminalize/use coercion against the movement of migrants

We are outraged at these responses of Haryana to the MHA notification, reinforcing the movement of the migrants as a violation of lockdown, imposing penal orders to criminalise the migrants. Further, the mass spraying of disinfectant on migrants returning home is not only a cruel act of violation of their dignity, it can have serious repercussions for their health.

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