Pondicherry state health assembly

Pondicherry held its Third State Health Assembly on the 30th of August.  It was from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Over 150 delegates ( close to 200 in all ) from about 20 organizations participated. The participating organizations included the Puducherry Science Forum, SAMAM , AIDWA, the medical representatives association, the health workers union, the government employees union, the nurses association and a number of NGOs. The conference had a background paper and a charter of demands. The health crisis and public health information of importance was prepared by some of the local resource persons and presented. Most of the organizational representatives spoke. There was also a presentation of various activities, petitions and issues that had been raised by PSF and other organizations in the intervening years.
From outside the UT, the invited resource persons were Mr. Ameer Khan who is the JSA coordinator for Tamilnadu and Mr. Sundar.
The event went off very well and served to re-evoke interest in a platform that had become dormant for some time now.
It also highlighted a number of emerging health problems and issues- especially like in Tamilnadu the huge excess in male mortality in the 15 to 60 age group- ( almost 80% men in this age group) due a number of issues of which Road traffice injuries, suicide, assault, alcohol related deaths and cardiovascualr deaths are all contributing in a major way. RTA seems to be accounting for almost 20% of mortality – all of young men ( 6:1 ratio) and are either due to motor-cycles or pedestrians !!
Many other emerging challenges related to women health were also presented.
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